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What They Don’t Tell You About Business Jets

16 May 2018

What They Don’t Tell You About Business Jets

Considering all the major airlines offer business and first-class travel, it makes you wonder why the humble private jet exists at all. I mean, once you’ve bought your ticket, a sharply dressed chauffeur will pick you up in an S-Class or 7-Series, whisk you to the airport lounge where you can share your exclusive social media check-in, before your priority boarding call. Once on board, you can continue to sup 2006 Dom Pérignon in your leather chair while you wait for economy class to board. It all seems like a stress free dream – a fun day out in the sky – and all for under $38,000 (the world’s most expensive one-way ticket).


So how can a business jet beat any of that? Well, taking the Bombardier Global 6000 for an example, here are 10 reasons.