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IBAC Update September 2018

06 September 2018

IBAC Update September 2018


Kurt Edwards 


I was pleased to participate in ABAG’s LABACE in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in August.  The show had a refreshed feel.  ABAG re-designed the show’s layout, in both the exhibit and static display areas, and presented a substantive education programme.  Attendance seemed to be even higher this year over last, and there was definitely a more energized feeling among participants.  Many told me that they are optimistic the Brazilian industry is on an upswing now after the economic crisis.  

As this newsletter is distributed, I’m in Southeast Asia for a number of meetings in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand.  With AsBAA, we have undertaken meetings with the regulatory authorities in each of these countries with a view to informing them of the need for appropriate regulation of business aircraft operators, i.e., one-size regulations do not fit all.  We have begun discussions to help them understand business aviation and to work with them to develop and put in place more pragmatic oversight approaches. 

Coming up in September, IBAC is looking forward to the Planning and Operations Committee (POC) meeting in Montreal.  It is always a pleasure to welcome our member associations here, particularly as the meeting presents a terrific opportunity for the associations to engage their respective representatives to the ICAO Council.

Last, we are ramping up for the 13th Air Navigation Conference in October.  This two-week meeting is a “mini-Assembly” of sorts, in that all 192-member states participate and that the meeting takes key decisions that steer the work of ICAO.  The goal of the meeting is to define ICAO’s technical priorities in air navigation and safety in the coming triennium and feed these recommendations into the Assembly in 2019, during which the member states must agree on the budget for that work.  We will have more information on the Air Navigation Conference in next month’s update.


  • IS-BAH registrations have now surpassed 140 globally and interest continues to increase after the summer break period. See the entire list of IS-BAH Registered Ground Handling Service Providers HERE.

  • In Europe, EASA’s New Basic Regulation (NBR) is expected to enter into force by Q3 2018. The New Basic Regulation will extend the scope of the Agency to a number of additional domains. One of these domains is Ground Handling Service Providers. The IS-BAH Programme is fully engaged with EASA and provides a viable solution for the "declaration of capability" required under this new regulation.

  • Workshops upcoming in the next few months include for September, San Jose, CA (prior to the NBAA regional), Ashburn, VA (after the NATA GHSS) and Houston (October). Bookings are open for those interested, including all IBAC Member Associations.


  • Please watch for the IS-BAO Operator and Auditor Roundtables that are now under development and will begin this year at NBAA-BACE in Orlando, and at the EBAA Safety Symposium in Cologne. The Roundtables will discuss de-identified IS-BAO audit data, operator data, auditor data, and operator solutions.

  • The IS-BAO Programme team is working with a Stage 3 operator focus group to develop a Stage 3 option for operators with mature SMS. The programme will have a longer term and progressive IS-BAO components, as well as, mentoring and leadership components.


  • ICAO released  the CO2 Estimation and Reporting Tool (CERT), which will be beneficial as a reporting tool to the majority of business aviation operators who are affected by CORSIA. 

  • The Environmental Technical Manual related to the CORSIA implementation has recently become available and is guidance for the implementation of the SARPs for Annexe 16 Vol IV

ICAO are also working on guidance on how to complete the Emissions Monitoring Plan (EMP), which will be made available in the coming weeks. If you need help completing your EMP, or using the CERT, please contact

IBAC is participating in the 
Global Sustainable Aviation Summit in Geneva, Switzerland on October 2-3, 2018. This event is organised by ATAG with ACI, CANSO, IATA and ICCAIA and brings together some 350 leaders and experts from aviation, businesses, governments and international organisations, including our own Kurt Edwards, to discuss measures to mitigate aviation's environmental impacts while allowing it to grow, including sustainable alternative jet fuels.

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