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IBAC Update JUNE 2019

11 June 2019

IBAC Update JUNE 2019


Kurt Edwards


Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) played a central role in many of IBAC’s activities in May.  In Montreal, we participated in the first ICAO SAF Stocktaking Seminar, in which States and industry shared key initiatives to promote the development and use of this technology that is critical to aviation meeting its long-term goal of halving carbon emissions by 2050 relative to 2005 levels.  IBAC was proud to present business aviation’s efforts to inform about and encourage the uptake of SAF.  Later in the month, we held one of the industry’s demonstration events at Farnborough Airport, where more than 20 aircraft uploaded some SAF to continue on their way to the EBACE static display.  Learn more from Bruce Parry below and more about our sustainable work HERE.

IBAC had the opportunity to brief Asia Pacific officials on the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) at the Airport Safety Management Seminar in Seoul, Korea.  It is a great source of pride to share this programme, which now has 168 registered facilities around the world less than five years after its launch.  Moreover, it is always a great moment when we share that business aviation brought the SMS concept to ground handling first (not our commercial scheduled colleagues)! 

Last, but not least, it was a real pleasure to participate in this year’s EBACE in Geneva.  Thanks to all the members of the IS-BAH Standards Board; operators, handlers, and auditors in the International Standards Programmes (IS-BAH and IS-BAO); and, of course, the officials and members of our Member Associations for contributing to IBAC’s events and supporting the work of IBAC on the industry’s behalf.  A particular thank-you to the members of IBAC’s Governing Board, who remained for the Board meeting an additional day after EBACE, for your continued commitment and guidance. 

We are looking forward to several coming events this summer, including AsBAA’s Safety Days in Singapore in June and the CBAA’s annual meeting and exhibition in Calgary in July.  I hope to see many of you



• The IS-BAH Standards Board 5 met ahead of EBACE. It was a great turnout from all over the globe and some interesting discussions in further enhancing ground handling safety for our sector.

• IS-BAH Registrations continue to grow with presentations made during EBACE to TAG Aviation Macau, VIPPort Vnukovo 3 and JetPort St Petersburg. Locations reaching Stage 1 registration now approaches 170.

• Upcoming workshop for IS-BAH will be coming to London Luton (18/19 June)



• The EBACE IS-BAO workshop was a successful experience for our team and the participants. The topics of discussion related well to challenges faced by operators and auditors in the EU. Additionally, several operators and auditors were recognized for their dedication and excellence.

• Work is progressing on the IS-BAO assessment guidance for auditors and operators. This document will provide clear guidance and examples for users regarding the intent of standard in support of performance-based validations.


SAF Activity

The second Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF) demonstration event took place at TAG Farnborough Airport in the UK on the 18th May. This precursor event to EBACE in Geneva was held to encourage as many operators as possible to fuel up on SAJF en-route to EBACE. Together with the opportunity for operators to fuel up with SAJF at Farnborough, the SAJF Coalition (IBAC, EBAA, NBAA, GAMA and NATA) made fuel available with fuel partners at three other airports; Farmingdale, NY in the United States, Arlanda in Sweden and Caen-Carpiquet in France. 

The event entitled “Fuelling the Future”, hosted by TAG Farnborough Airport and EBAA, followed on from the launch of the Business Aviation Guide to SAJF at EBACE 2018 and the first demonstration event held at Van Nuys Airport in Southern California in January. There was a full programme of speakers, a Technical Panel that demystified, discussed and answered questions on SAJF and Kurt Edwards, IBAC Director General, presented an overview of the SAJF Guide to the assembled audience and media representatives. Bombardier, Gulfstream, Embraer, Piaggio and Cirrus all brought aircraft to the event, were presented as a static display and fuelled up on site before their departure to Geneva. In total, 27 aircraft fuelled with SAJF over the weekend en-route to EBACE. 

Following the event in Farnborough, a second Technical Panel was held as the opening event in the Innovation Zone at EBACE to a large audience on the opening day. As at Farnborough, the Panel featured contributors from Gulfstream, Bombardier, Embraer, Avfuel, World Fuel Services, Air BP and EBAA and was moderated by Tim Obitts, Chief Operating Officer at NATA. 

These events are important in helping our community learn and understand what SAJF is, that it’s safe and can be used in existing aircraft systems due to its “drop-in” nature and blending capability with regular Jet-A/Jet-A1 fuel, which is explained fully in the SAJF Guide. 

SAJF is a key contributor towards the goals of the Business Aviation Commitment on Climate Change and its future use could make a significant contribution to the overall reduction of emissions in the business aviation sector.


For more information on the event, the business aviation SAJF initiative and the SAJF Guide, please visit the website HERE.


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