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IS-BAH Programme Update July 2019

11 July 2019

IS-BAH Programme Update July 2019

2019/20 IS-BAH Standard

Following the 6th IS-BAH Standards Board meeting held in Geneva in May 2019, your 2019/20 IS-BAH Manual suite will be available for download from the IS-BAH website from 01st July 2019.

Thank you to all those who provided feedback and suggestions throughout the past 12 months to allow us to continue to bring the industry standards up to date.


Your IS-BAH Standards Board for 2019/20

Back row L to R Lou Sorrentino, Joseph Azzaz (Chair), Bob Schick, Terry Yeomans, Allison Markey (Vice Chair), Stuart Ochs, Larry Fletcher.

Front Row L to R BJ Goodheart, Mike France, Kyle Quinn, Stewart MacPherson, Jennifer Bartenstein, Alain Champannois, Paula Kraft, Chris Barrow, Marc Pieters, Leah Lenardic, Phil Bartle (observing), Ben Walsh

The 2019-20 IS-BAH™ document suite is now available!

For access contact Terry Yeomans, Larry Fletcher or Brenda Pizano by email.

Thank you Global Aerospace, read the full article HERE

2019 IS-BAH pricing structure changes for 2019

Since the inception of the programme in 2014, the IS-BAH pricing structure has seen some adjustments as we continued to gauge the best way to offer organizations options which cover the diverse range of the global handling community. In order for organizations to better budget for the implementation of the programme, the IS-BAH will be moving over to a subscription model for all new programme entrants.  
The following pricing structure will enter into force commencing January 01st 2019.

Banding to be based on number of stations. 
Band A = single station locations. 
Band B = more than 1 station to 40 stations 
Band C = more than 40 stations

Band A initial subscription US$2300.00, covers year 1 and 2, subsequent years US$750.00
Band B initial subscription US$1915.00, covers year 1 and 2, subsequent years US$650.00
Band C initial subscription US$1610.00, covers year 1 and 2, subsequent years US$550.00

The subscriptions would include the three mandated requirements for each station (the IS-BAH manual documentation suite, Fundamentals workshop attendance (for one person per station) and registration fee) ongoing through the agreed subscription period. 

For Existing IS-BAH Manual Holders
For those existing ground handling service provider manual holders, access to the IS-BAH manual documentation suite, remains complimentary, attendance at the fundamentals workshop and registration fees will remain at additional cost. The option to switch to the subscription fee at the appropriate banding is at the organization’s discretion.

Posted prices for workshops to be US$950.00 for Fundamentals, with an “early bird” rate offer of US$750.00. For Auditing workshops US$1050.00 with an “early bird” rate offer of USD950.00.

For IS-BAH Auditors
IS-BAH Auditors renewal to be a flat fee US$1700.00 fully inclusive of ongoing IS-BAH manual documentation suite access, workshops (fundamentals and auditing) costs and remains valid for 24 months.
New IS-BAH auditors accreditation fee to be US$3000.00 inclusive of manual documentation suite access, workshops (fundamentals and auditing) and accreditation fee, valid for 24 months. 

Reporting email is now live:

IBAC would like to hear from you regarding any Near Miss Reports that you would like to share with the aviation community. The goal is for other organisations to understand emerging trends, so we can share Lessons Learned and Near Miss Advice so future accidents can be prevented and hopefully, through everyone’s collective efforts, eliminated.

IBAC has set up a discrete email address for FBOs to send sanitized incident/event and near miss information, so we can understand what occurred and provide de-identified recommendations and solutions back to the IS-BAH community, so we all get better. You can even ask questions and we will help get the answers back to you. You can trust our commitment to confidentiality!

Send in your reports to IBAC: is now live and ready to take any safety reports, either single or in bulk. Please feel free to help us collate data on our sector and show that IS-BAH is making a difference.


Regulatory Update

ICAO / EASA Regulatory Update

The ICAO Ground Handling Task Force (GHTF) working document has now been completed and awaiting publication from ICAO aimed at States, aerodromes, operators and GHSPs themselves. 

IBAC continues to engage with ICAO States and the regulatory authorities through its 14-member associations, work continues with EASA and the with the next big task being the planned inclusion of ground handling service providers into the EC Basic Regulation.

IBAC’s Terry Yeomans presenting at the inaugural EASA Ground Handling conference, Cologne, March 2019

 Writing Effective SOPs

Article for IBAC - Presented By Jetex Quality Control Department

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) - most organizations have them but how often does your staff actually reference them and do they get what they need from them? 

Writing SOPs to fall in line with safety, quality, efficiency, regulations and audits is the aim but comprehension of the teams that are on the line doing those tasks should also be a factor. Some might say don’t the “work instructions” do that? Yes, the work instructions give you the “How” but having the “Who, What and When” drives the effectiveness.  

If you are creating SOPs just to get a tick in the box from that biannual audit, then their effectiveness becomes uncertain. An effectively communicated SOP improves the team’s understanding and in turn the value the SOPs will bring to the business. View HERE

IS-BAH Initial Auditor Accreditation Process

Yvonne Marinus - Auditor Accreditation Manager

If you have ever considered becoming an IS-BAH Accredited Auditor, it is helpful to understand the Accreditation Application Process before you get started. VIEW  HERE


IS-BAH™ Contacts

Your 2019 /20 IS-BAH™ Standards Board Members

Joseph Azzaz 

Vice Chair
Allison Markey

Chris Barrow 
Alain Champannois  
Gary Dietz 
Dr Benjamin Goodheart 
Steve Gulvin 
Paula Kraft  
Leah Lenardic 
Stewart MacPherson
Marc Pieters
Kyle Quinn 
Bob Schick 
Hannah Smith
Lou Sorrentino  
Mike France  
Kurt Edwards  

Terry Yeomans
Programme Director

Larry Fletcher
Audit Manager

Yvonne Marinus
Accreditation Manager

Brenda Pizano 
Programme Support Manager 
Further details can be found on the IBAC website:



Thank you all for your participation.