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UAS International Trip Support

29 November 2015

UAS International Trip Support

Member Name:  UAS International Trip Support


MEBAA Member Since:  06 March 2013


MEBAA Membership Category: Supplier


MEBAA Business Category: Trip Support Services



Knowing you can rely on an expert flight planning team accessible 24/7, and knowing your smooth transition over countries and continents is saving valuable time and money brings a multitude of benefits when planning your journey. As a global company that puts quality first, UAS International Trip Support understands your needs and delivers the customized solutions to guarantee seamless, successful trips, every time.  We are a global solutions provider for the aviation industry offering a complete solution for trip planning that coordinates all resources to ensure flights operate on time and on budget. We help business jet operators, commercial airlines, Heads of State, VVIPs, and Fortune 500 companies with their trip support, air charter, and executive travel requirements. UAS is constantly evolving and investing in resources to fill the gaps that operators have, and through our unique capabilities, become an extension of their resources and a partner to share values and challenges.  With a global network of continental headquarters in Houston, Johannesburg, Hong Kong and Dubai, regional offices in Lagos, Nairobi, Beijing and New Delhi, and station managers at 23 global locations, we offer unrivaled international connectivity and guarantee the UAS standard of quality and operational excellence anywhere in the world.


UAS is continuously expanding and enhancing our service offerings. The past few years have seen a time of unsurpassed investment in locations and personnel, from the launch of UAS’ America’s headquarters in 2013 to the Asia Pacific and African headquarters in 2014. This commitment to constant expansion ensures our service offering is regionally specific and second-to-none. This constant enhancement has most recently seen the recruitment of two new Station Managers in Africa, one in Senegal and one to cover DRC and Congo. This is the latest investment in our objective to position a station manager in every country in Africa. Currently, there are 12 UAS station managers at airports on the continent. UAS station managers ensure smooth communications and transitions and have access to all ramp activities so they can ensure our top standard of quality and timely ground handling services and fuel delivery. Another recent enhancement is unlimited ramp access throughout India. UAS personnel can now provide the most personalized and customized supervision available to clients, and better coordination of meet and assist services. UAS India personnel now deal with all handling directly, with no third-party involvement necessary.


At UAS, we believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise. Launching the UAS Blog on the opening day of Dubai Airshow 2015, it offers valuable insight from our global team of experts and providing a fantastic reference for aviation stakeholders. We also play an important role in the promotion of business aviation and liaise with local authorities and government offices to advocate for infrastructural investment. In 2016, we’re preparing for further expansion, and looking forward to exhibiting at MEBAA Show 2016.



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