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5 Reasons Why You Should Fly Private

02 May 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Fly Private


Flying commercial means you have to endure the arduous process of security checks, baggage check-ins, flight delays, undesirable plane seatmates, and legroom that shrinks by the hour. There is a way to avoid all these hassles that modern day flying entails: you can opt to fly private.

Here’s why flying private is your best option:



The sizes of plane seats and the legroom that comes with it are actually getting smaller and smaller, as airlines strive to make the most out of their planes as much as they can—even if that meant stacking their customers uncomfortably back in coach. Sure, you can fly first-class, but only in your private jet can you lie down, relax and stretch your legs without feeling guilty. More importantly, flying private lets you not only travel in comfort, but you may also use the flying time to entertain your guests, or conduct business. You can make the most out of your trip in the most comfortable way. Flying private is reputed to be a luxurious experience, given the luxury amenities present in a typical jet and the world-class service that comes with it. You also have the freedom to do things that are usually not allowed in commercial flights, such as flying with your cat or dog, or throwing an actual party while up in the air.




Flying private will afford you the flexibility that you need. If you have to attend several business meetings around the Middle East, your private jet will make it possible for you to fly to several places in a day, and accomplish things that could have taken days to finish if you were flying commercial. You can make as many stops as you want, and still decide to be home by dinner. And if you have to be on top of your own schedule all the time, then having your own jet is your best bet as it will give you the liberty to stick to schedule that you yourself created, without having to worry about airport delays. It also works well if your line of job tends to be spontaneous at times, requiring you to be at a specific place within hours of notice.

There are also many remote locations that can only be reached by smaller aircrafts, and having your own private jet will let you reach these destinations easily and more conveniently.



As the name suggests, private jets are designed primarily to protect one’s privacy. Flying private lets anyone go from place to place while being incognito, this is an important aspect if you are running a business or completing a task that requires handling sensitive information. Aside from business, flying private in the comforts of your own aircraft is arguably a stylish way to escape and take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.



Given the stiff competition among private jet providers, each company ensures that they only employ the best pilots with impeccable flying records. Their safety management measures are on par with the best commercial airlines in the world, and their staff go through rigorous training to equip them with the proper skills and know-how on air flight safety.

Private jets fly faster and higher than commercial planes, enabling them to fly above weather disturbances and avoid turbulence, a crucial factor to consider especially if you are a nervous flyer.



The cost of flying private, after all things are considered, can possibly turn out to be more efficient than flying commercial. If you look at the many factors that flying entails, such as the time you spend in booking your trip, queuing at the airport, going through all those security checks, and wasted time waiting in case of delays; it would turn out that you will actually be saving both time and money if you fly private instead.

If you want to get the most of your money, you can fly in groups. Most private airlines provide big discounts for group travellers, and most of the time, the cost is almost the same, if not less, as a low-end commercial flight.


Time is money, and flying private saves you more time, so you can make the most out of your business trip or vacation with loved ones.