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MEBAA: The Voice of General Aviation Operators in the Middle East

02 May 2017

MEBAA: The Voice of General Aviation Operators in the Middle East

MEBAA is a common ground for aviation operators in the MENA region to share their views on general aviation policies and standards as well as connect with suppliers, groups and individuals that will meet their needs to positively impact the aviation industry even more.

MEBAA Founding & Executive Chairman Mr. Ali Ahmed Alnaqbi said that the MENA region is one of the fastest growing markets when compared globally. It grew by 9% in 2016.


With an aim to assist General Aviation Operators, MEBAA strives to achieve an effective means of communicating concerns, sharing perspectives, and implementing best practices with the MENA general aviation operators. MEBAA also acts as the liaison between its members and government agencies in their respective countries. As a proud member of the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), MEBAA works hard to share technical and operational expertise to government organizations like the ICAO.

MEBAA members include commercial or industrial enterprise owners, government entities, non-profit organization professionals engaged in general, business or private aviation, aircraft operator and other individuals who own, control or operate one or more registered or on-demand aircraft in the MENA region. Members benefit from participating in different MEBAA-hosted events such as the MEBAA Show, as well as enjoying access to resources such as MEBAA Directory, a database of other members and their contact information.

MEBAA offers its members special discounts and perks for its renowned MEBAA Show as well as other MEBAA related events, such as the MEBAA Conference. These events provide general aviation operators a platform to voice their opinions and address issues affecting the general aviation community across the region. For the MEBAA Show 2018, nearly 10% more exhibitors are expected to participate as around 9,000 visitors shall gather from across the globe for the three-day event. This event offers a chance for operators and business owners to expand their network with thousands of members whom they can exchange knowledge and services with.


The conferences, networking events, and educational sessions welcome industry professionals that help members address general aviation issues applicable to the MENA region. Another benefit of being part of the MEBAA family is getting the opportunity to learn from the general aviation training program. This also opens more doors to members as the organization invites companies for talent recruitment.


On the other hand, MEBAA Publication reviews key issues and developments across the general aviation sector in the Middle East & North Africa. MEBAA serves the needs of their general aviation operator members in terms of safety, efficiency & effectiveness, relevance, versatility, integrity and excellence. MEBAA also offers opportunities for general aviation operators to stay updated on current industry issues and interact with interested parties, suppliers and vendors worldwide.