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Jetex and Wright Electric partner to support electric aircraft market

15 April 2018

Jetex and Wright Electric partner to support electric aircraft market

Dubai-based flight support company Jextex has announced the signing of a partnership with US start-up Wright Electric that will see the two companies collaborate in supporting electric aircraft for short haul flights.

As part of the partnership, Jetex and Wright will collaborate on producing the first electric aircraft for the MENA region. The design of the proposed aircraft boasts an estimated a range of 540km or 333 miles, which would enable passengers to fly from Dubai to Muscat or Malaga to Casablanca on a single charge.

At the same time, the flight support company will introduce charging stations across its global FBO network, the first of which will appear in Dubai. Jetex will potentially operate charging stations across 30 FBOs.

Adel Mardini, Jetex President and CEO, said: “We are constantly building a new reality in the aviation industry. First, by setting a high standard of service and now by setting a new standard for innovation.

“We envision having the aircraft and infrastructure at all of our FBOs in Europe, the US, and throughout our global network.”


For Wright Electric, the company’s objective is to make all short-haul flights to generate zero-emissions within 20 years. Boasting aircraft that are 50% quieter and 10% less expensive to operate, Wright’s aeroplanes utilise electric propulsion system and swappable battery packs with advanced cell technology.