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IBAC Update May 2018

06 May 2018

IBAC Update May 2018


Kurt Edwards 

We all experience annual cycles, whether they be seasonal or school- or work-based.  In what I like to call IBAC World, our annual cycle revolves around the big business aviation trade shows and our Governing Board meetings.  In April, the business aviation industry turned its attention to Shanghai for ABACE, which was larger and more impressive even than last year’s edition.  IBAC was pleased to have a presence there and particularly gratified by the heightened interest of participants in the IS-BAH and IS-BAO Programmes as well as in the coming Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).  The interest of the Asian business aviation sector in best practices and global developments is clear.  IBAC thanks AsBAA and NBAA for their effective work in communicating with members on our behalf and encourages AsBAA, NBAA, and their members—like all our member associations and their members—to contact us with any questions or suggestions on IBAC programmes or on international aviation policies.  We are here for you, whether at one of the big annual events near you every year or in our Montreal office.

In addition to ABACE in April, IBAC focused internally on some important approaching changes.  An upcoming staffing change in our Montreal office has been cause for reviewing the office personnel structure and its infrastructure, all in relationship to expectations of the business aviation industry, mainly our member associations and participants in the global IS-BAH and IS-BAO programmes.  With greater expectations comes the need for even greater abilities to meet those expectations.  We are looking to hire two energetic, capable people to support the office [Office Admin] and the International Standards Programmes [Programme Support Manager].  Please share the linked job posts with any qualified, interested folks that you may know in the Montreal area.  

The next big event in the IBAC World annual cycle will be EBACE in Geneva, Switzerland, 29-31 May.  In addition to participating in the trade show itself, IBAC looks forward to co-hosting with IATA a CORSIA seminar dedicated to the business aviation community, hosting the IS-BAH Standards Board, offering two IS-BAO workshops, making a significant announcement about IS-BAO benefitting European operators, joining in the reveal of a leading-edge environmental initiative for our sector, recognizing participants in the IS-BAH and IS-BAO Programmes, and, of course, holding the 67th meeting of the Governing Board.  Through all of that, I’m looking forward to catching up with as many of you as possible.  

See you in Geneva!



Technical work on guidance for the coming Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) continued at ICAO in April.  The Global Market-based Measures Task Force (GMTF) met to advance work on the few remaining areas of the guidance documents to be completed.  The GMTF also reviewed development of the CORSIA Emissions Reporting Tool (CERT) that will be available to operators free of charge in order to facilitate participation in the scheme.  IBAC participated in the meeting on behalf of business aviation.  If you’ve any questions about CORSIA, please contact us at

Parallel to the technical work by the GMTF, the Air Navigation Commission (ANC) reviewed the compilation of comments from States on the draft standard text that will establish the CORSIA in the Annexes of the Chicago Convention.  After suggesting any changes as a result of those comments, the ANC will forward the draft standard to the Council for review and adoption in June.  Please recall that implementation begins from January 2019, so the timeline for States’ preparedness and operators’ compliance will be extremely tight.  


REMINDER: IBAC will sponsor a CORSIA Workshop dedicated to business aviation in conjunction with EBACE 2018 on 28 May at the IATA Centre in Geneva.  Delegates should register at  Please see an insert for more information HERE. The program details and agenda will be sent to registered participants.



Work at ICAO tends to have long lead times.  In April, a considerable amount of activity at the UN specialized agency was devoted to preparations for the 13th Air Navigation Conference (ANConf/13) to be held in October, which we have mentioned in earlier IBAC Updates (and about which you will hear more as it approaches).  The Secretariat has been preparing working papers covering each of the Conference’s agenda items, and multiple ad hoc working groups of the Air Navigation Commission (ANC) have been reviewing and suggesting refinements to the paper.  Papers for the ANConf/13 will frame discussions that will shape global policies and regulations across a wide range of topics, including these:

  • GNSS evolution

  • Aerodrome operations and capacity

  • Operations above flight level 600

  • Proposed new global aviation safety oversight system (GASOS)

  • Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP)

  • Implementation of safety management

  • Facilitation of data-driven decision-making in support of safety intelligence to support safety risk management

  • Global and regional implementation strategies

  • Evolution of the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) continuous monitoring approach (CMA)

  • Improving the performance of the air navigation system through the aviation system block upgrades

  • Implementing minimum air navigation services for international civil aviation through the basic building blocks (BBBS) framework

  • The economic benefits brought by aviation

  • Integrated CNS and spectrum strategy

  • Cost-benefit analysis as part of a business case in support of assets deployment

  • Cyber resilience

Through its observer status at ICAO, IBAC provides input on these topics, and we will propose and support with other industry associations our own papers for the ANConf/13, which will be finalized in the next few months.



  • The IS-BAH Standards Board will plan to meet prior to EBACE in Geneva, with a full agenda of items to discuss for the upcoming year.

  • IS-BAH workshop early bird offering is still open for the White Plains, New Jersey in the US, dates 19-20 Jun 2018 – Register here: IS-BAH White Plains Registration 

  • Registrations for IS-BAH continue to accumulate with Aviapartner Malaga achieving IS-BAH Stage I and becoming the first in Spain to implement through to registration.  Congratulations to Aviapartner team in Malaga!



  • The IS-BAO team is meeting with every auditor for required Standardization Meetings. These meetings are an excellent venue for continuous improvement for the Programme and the individual auditors. Many topics are covered, including operator feedback and audit review feedback.

  • The IS-BAO web portals are live for operators and auditors. Check them out HERE

  • The first 2018 Standard beta registration will occur with an operator from the IS-BAO new entrant focus group in early May.