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Rolls Royce Unveils New Engine Family For Business Aviation

10 June 2018

Rolls Royces new business aviation engine, Pearl, will be purpose built for latest business jets from Bombardier.

Rolls Royce Unveils New Engine Family For Business Aviation

Rolls-Royce has announced a new engine design for business aviation. Called Pearl, the engine has been purpose-built for Bombardier’s latest business jets, the Global 5500 aircraft, and the Global 6500 aircraft.

The Pearl 15 is the first of series of engines to be produced under the Pearl engine family. It is the sixth new civil aerospace engine introduced by Rolls-Royce in the past 10 years.

The Pearl engine carefully combines technology from Rolls-Royce's advanced technology demonstrator programs with the reliability of the leading aviation engine family, Rolls-Royce BR700. The Pearl series will be a crucial part of Bombardier's mission to reach new standards in ultra-long-range corporate jet travel.

Pearl engine delivers more power without the roar

The Pearl 15 is more powerful and quieter than its predecessors and other engines on the market. It can deliver up to 15,125lb of thrust (ISA +15), due in part to having the most efficient engine core available across the business aviation sector.

Although the Pearl will present 9% more thrust during take-off than the BR700 it will actually be 2 decibels quieter. In addition to its improved thrust and acoustic performance, the Pearl also delivers a 7% improvement in specific fuel consumption (SFC).

The Pearl is also the choice for environmental sustainability, the powerful engine has the best in class NOx emissions rating, even while powering its customers at speeds approaching the speed of sound (Mach 0.90).

The new engine was developed at Rolls-Royce Centre of Excellence for Business Aviation engines in Dahlewitz, Germany. It has undergone a thorough testing period and received EASA certification on 28 the February 2018.

Bombardier and Rolls Royce deepen the relationship with the new collaboration

The engine is expected to go into service at the end of 2019. It is currently being put through final tests at Bombardier Flight Test Centre in Wichita, Kansas.

Chris Cholerton President – Civil Aerospace, Rolls-Royce notes: “The combination of outstanding performance, economy, and reliability levels make it the perfect fit for Bombardier’s newest Global aircraft and, with the Pearl engine, we are extending our successful relationship with Bombardier, which started more than 20 years ago.